The Glastonbury Town Deal has secured £23.6 million investment for the town, representing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver the objectives outlined in the Town Investment Plan

Town Deal event postponed as projects fix their focus on the finish line

Glastonbury Market Cross
A Glastonbury Town Deal open day event has been postponed to allow project teams to push ahead with the paperwork needed to realise the £23.6m investment.

A Glastonbury Town Deal open day event has been postponed to allow project teams to push ahead with the paperwork needed to realise the £23.6m investment.

There have been various opportunities in recent weeks for the local community to engage with the Town Deal projects, including an open day at Glastonbury Town Hall in February, a briefing with Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce in March, and a Tor Leisure engagement event in early April. In addition, there have been other project-led activities at a number of local fayres and events.

Public feedback has been collated on each occasion and taken into consideration as the proposals have evolved, helping to adapt and shape the detail of the projects.

However, with Business Case deadlines imminent, a decision has been taken to rearrange the latest event, which was originally due to take place on Saturday 7th May.

Julie Reader-Sullivan, Head of Service for Planning and Growth at Mendip District Council and leader of the Support Team for the Glastonbury Town Deal, said: “The Business Case deadlines are fast approaching and there is a significant amount of work involved. It is right that the Town Deal projects, Board and support team are able to focus on completing the documentation required in order to secure this once-in-a-generation investment for the town. We have therefore decided to postpone the additional open day event that was planned for 7th May.

“Although we appreciate this may be disappointing for some local residents, we plan to reschedule the open day event once the Business Cases have been formally submitted, enabling us to share the updated project details with the local community.”

Glastonbury is one of 101 towns chosen to receive investment as part of the government’s Towns Fund scheme. Set to bring £23.6m of investment into the town, it received the highest award in the South West and one of the highest per capita in England.

The detailed HM Treasury ‘Green Book’ Business Cases required by the government for each of the projects are currently being developed by the Glastonbury Town Deal Board, individual project teams and Mendip District Council. This involves analysis of the strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management aspects of each project, as well as the identification of clear and measurable outcomes that will result in social and financial value for Glastonbury.

All of the Business Cases must be reviewed by the Glastonbury Town Deal Board and Mendip District Council’s internal scrutiny team before being submitted to the government by the end of June at the latest. Funds will then be released on a project-by-project basis, as and when the individual Business Cases have been approved.

The Town Deal projects are outlined in the Glastonbury Town Investment Plan, which was developed by the Town Deal Board through engagement with key partners, businesses, community groups and Mendip District Council as the lead authority. Submitted to the government in January 2021, the Plan aims to deliver a necessary ‘levelling up’ opportunity for the town, bringing existing assets back into community use, and working with local communities to develop the spaces and resources that they want and need. The overall aim is for Glastonbury to be a sustainable, prosperous, modern town and global tourist centre, drawing on its rural landscape, history and unique legacy.

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