The Glastonbury Town Deal has secured £23.6 million investment for the town, representing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver the objectives outlined in the Town Investment Plan

Project: Town Centre Improvements

Improving and brightening up town centre helps boost local businesses

£100,000 was provided by the Town Deal Accelerator Fund to:

  • Make improvements to support local businesses
  • Brighten up the town centre, including lighting, signage and overall appearance, to create a more welcoming impression
  • Refurbish public toilets, providing improved facilities for people with disabilities
  • Provide benefits for health and wellbeing within the town
  • Develop the town centre as an exemplar for dealing with Covid and green issues 

Key achievements and benefits delivered:

  • Improved ambience in the town centre, making it more welcoming for residents and visitors
  • Toilet block updated and now better suited for use by people with disabilities
  • Cycle racks installed and water fountains fitted to encourage people to make more environmentally conscious choices
  • Left luggage storage installed in a convenient central location
  • Trees, planters and hanging baskets introduced to add natural colour and character
  • New signage provided, including a LCD noticeboard
  • New LED spotlights fitted to enhance the historic Market Cross at night
  • New colourful LED Christmas lights purchased to create a brighter town centre in winter 

Project Overview

The improvements to Glastonbury town centre help to make it a more welcoming place for residents and visitors, encouraging people to spend more time in the town and, in so doing, providing a boost for local businesses.

Practical enhancements included providing improved access to the public toilets for people with disabilities, safe parking facilities for bicycles, secure left luggage storage and better signage.

Lighting improvements ensure the town looks brighter, especially in winter, while the trees and hanging baskets bring natural colour and interest during the rest of the year.

Much of the work was carried out by local contractors and companies, again benefitting the Glastonbury business community. Local volunteers also made an important contribution to the success of this project.

How was this funded?

The £100,000 cost of the work was entirely covered by government funding following a successful bid from the Glastonbury Town Deal Board that resulted in an early release of £500k of the Towns Fund money. This Accelerator Funding was awarded to approved capital projects that would have an immediate impact and ‘build back better’ to combat the economic damage caused by Covid-19.

Project Gallery

Why was this work required?

The improvements were required to help attract more residents and visitors into the town centre, in turn bringing in more business to local shops, traders and companies.

The toilet block next to the Town Hall needed to be refurbished and the renovations have meant there is now improved access to the facilities for people with disabilities too.

Improvements were required to the lighting, signage and overall look of the town, to restore pride and highlight its natural and built environments.

What are the benefits for the local community?

The town centre improvements have resulted in better public facilities and a brighter ambience, making it a more pleasant environment for shopping, socialising and doing business.

The new cycle racks enable people to secure their bikes in a central location, making it more likely that those within the local vicinity will ride rather than drive into the town.

Secure left luggage lockers allow shoppers and other visitors to spend more time in town without having to carry heavy bags, which is better for their health and wellbeing.

The toilet block has been improved, including new flooring, and now has better access and facilities for people with disabilities.

The LCD noticeboard makes it easier for important local information to be communicated and regularly updated.

The new trees, planters and hanging baskets bring seasonal colour and character to the town centre streets, making it a more attractive and vibrant environment.

The LED lighting makes the town centre feel brighter and more appealing, especially during dark winter days and the festive season.

Much of the work was carried out by local tradespeople, bringing in welcome additional income following the limited opportunities for many businesses during the pandemic.

Who was involved?

Glastonbury Town Council, Mendip District Council and Somerset County Council were all involved in the town centre refurbishment projects, with input from Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce and the police.

Valuable assistance was provided by local volunteers who generously gave their time.

Local companies and contractors involved in the Town Centre Improvements project include:

  • Batmink Distribution
  • Bradfords
  • Chew Valley Trees
  • CRS Building Supply
  • David Russell
  • EM Print
  • Glastonbury Spring Water
  • LVS
  • Motor Body Repairs
  • Sweetacre Nurseries
  • Tor Sparks