The Glastonbury Town Deal has secured £23.6 million investment for the town, representing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver the objectives outlined in the Town Investment Plan

Glastonbury Community Sports and Leisure Hub

Lead Organisation: Fusion Lifestyle Ltd and Somerset Council working closely with other sports clubs and users

Regenerating the existing facilities in the centre of the town. Providing a hub of excellence for local people and sports clubs, to include sports and leisure training and local employment.


  • Towns Fund:  £2.09m
  • Co-Funding:  £0.29m


  • Significant enhancement of sport and leisure provision
  • A fitter, healthier population

Key Project Themes

  • Reduce Deprivation
  • Improve Health and Wellbeing


  • Recognises that the existing sports facilities are substandard and do not meet the needs of the community.
  • Addresses the need for several sports organisations to have a secure home in the town.
  • Commitment to make good use of outdoor space in the town centre along with Glastonbury Abbey.

Project Summary

The Tor Leisure site will benefit from a much-needed makeover, with the clubhouse being revitalised into a modern multi-use sports and leisure building in the heart of the town.

This new centre of excellence will offer opportunities for sports, training, education and health & wellbeing support, as well as being a place for locals to meet and socialise.

The much-improved facilities will be used by more than 50 local clubs, including football, cricket, bowls and acrobatics, and will provide opportunities for local people of all ages and interests to improve their physical and mental health.

As part of the Robert Richards Initiative, a figure-of-eight multi-use path around the outer edge of the grassed pitches will be installed for the enjoyment of runners, walkers and wheelchair users.


Click here to view the planning application details and documents.


Project FAQs

What sort of facilities will the new building include?
We are aiming to include a gym, exercise studio, multi-use community room, café, bar, outdoor sports changing rooms, indoor changing rooms, therapy rooms and a teaching and learning room. The aspiration is to build as many multi-use spaces as possible so that we can be flexible and meet as many of the local community’s needs as we can.

Will the centre be closed during the refurbishment?
Yes, the centre itself will need to close for the duration of the works and, depending on the extent of the final development, the car park may also need to close. However, the pitches and fields will remain accessible throughout the build and we feel confident that the end result will be worth any short-term inconvenience caused.

Do you have a start date in mind and how long will the works take?
We anticipate the build taking about nine months in total, with a start date likely to be in Autumn 2023. The exact date is yet to be confirmed and we will provide an update when we do have more details.

Will the building be designed for easier access?
Yes, easier access will be taken into account as part of the refurbishment of the building and we are aiming to introduce easy access paths on the fields as well.

Will the refurbishment take a green approach?
Yes, this is firmly at the heart of all the Glastonbury Town Deal projects and ours is no different. We are working closely with the Avalon Clean Energy project to install solar panels on the building and all the works will be mindful of their carbon impact.