The Glastonbury Town Deal has secured £23.6 million investment for the town, representing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver the objectives outlined in the Town Investment Plan

Glastonbury Clean Energy

Lead Organisation: Avalon Clean Energy (ACE)

Investing in renewable energy generation and EV charging. This project will be delivered in collaboration with Beckery Village businesses, community organisations and landowners.


  • Towns Fund:  £2.73m


  • Clean energy available to businesses and town
  • The project supports progress to zero carbon and net profits are available to town for other projects

Key Project Themes

  • Tackle Climate Change
  • Grow the Economy


  • Addresses the Climate Emergency declared by Somerset, Mendip and Glastonbury Town Councils.
  • Delivers clean energy to other projects in the TIP and the Town
  • Helps small businesses and households to become more sustainable.
  • Generates ongoing community income.

Project Summary

The Clean Energy project is a crucial element of Glastonbury’s transition to net zero, helping the town move closer to its target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

The project will invest in ground-mounted and rooftop photovoltaic panels generating clean renewable energy all year around, saving around 1,000 tonnes of carbon every year.  Glastonbury Town Deal projects and local organisations will be able to buy clean electricity generated, with surplus profits being reinvested into the local community.

In addition, people will be able to use the locally generated renewable energy to charge their electrical vehicles on-site.

An important part of tackling climate change is inspiring the next generation to take action, so local schoolchildren will be able to visit the solar farm to learn about clean energy and find out what actions they can take to help the planet.